About US

About US
Qingdao Baoling CNC Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. is a mechanical processing technology, production as one of the Integrated Company, sales of cost-effective machinery related products, absolutely guaranteed quality! Our products are mainly used in mold manufacturing and metal parts cutting, the customer industry is wide, including industrial products and consumption products, such as industrial machinery, construction machinery, medical equipment, automobile, household electrical appliances, education, communication, measurement, toys and clocks and so on, and strive to develop into the leaders of the machinery industry. Continue to think of customers, introduce diversified advanced machinery and production technology.The company has a group of reliable, reliable, experienced and highly skilled production and sales team. It can provide the user with the high cost of processing equipment selection, provide the economical and reasonable processing plan, the knife measuring tool selection, the one-stop service of the fixture design scheme. Since its creation, Baoli has been founded, with the aim of providing high service and advanced products with high service and high quality, with prompt delivery and preferential price to ensure customer satisfaction and social affirmation. We meet your needs with sincere service and strive to be the trust partner of the workers!
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      Shandong Province 
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